From the pipe to the plate without any problem Ltd is able to provide its customers a complete product, from raw material to finished product, providing a reference point for anyone looking for a company that specializes in the manufacture of pipes and steel sections and plates are they, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and copper, following each step in the entire production process, bringing the quality of the product to a level unquestionable, ready to be inserted directly on the market or in the assembly line, depending on the use of this' last.

Manufactured pieces in design

We give life to your projects

Production of large series

We are not afraid of big numbers

Cnc bending

We go strong in bending

Laser sheet

The precision of the radius

Laser pipe

Understanding a pipe is our strenght

Bending - Punching

We give the right folds


The precision of the machine, the careness of a man.

Assembly and Packaging

Services from A to Z


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